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93% of our audiences take their playbills home to be shared with friends and family. 66% have responded to something they've seen advertised in a playbill.

You can have city-wide exposure or a targeted, neighborhood presence. With affordable options for print and web advertising, promoting your business with United Stages is a smart marketing decision.

What types of businesses should be advertising with United Stages?

  • Producers, venues or PR firms promoting a show or event (all kinds of shows -- Broadway, Off-Broadway, Off-Off Broadway, Opera, Dance, Music, etc.)
  • Antiques, boutique clothing, shoes and jewelry stores, bookstores
  • Restaurants, bars, wine clubs, cooking clubs
  • Cooking classes, culinary vacations, classes and workshops for personal growth
  • Vacation and tourism businesses especially to European destinations, NYC tour services, cultural events, museums and art galleries
  • Pet supplies and specialty pet items
  • Businesses that sell personal electronics, computers, software, hardware or tech support services

Businesses or services that serve the performing arts community:

  • Performance and rehearsal venues promoting space rental
  • Performing arts industry services such as voice, movement or acting training/coaching, temp agencies and other employment opportunities, resume writing, headshot photography and performing arts schools, as well as personal care businesses such as gyms, yoga, Pilates, personal trainers, spas, massage therapists, health/organic food, etc.

Businesses or services that make busy New Yorkers’ lives easier, more efficient or help them keep their sanity:

  • Personal assistants, delivery services, dog walkers, house cleaners, storage rental, tax services, local getaways and day trips

Businesses or services geared to parents and families with babies and children:

  • birthday cakes, day care services, summer camps, learning camps, puzzles and games, face painting services, play centers, clothing, gear, toys, books, birthday party packages and clown shows

And so much more!

Start promoting your business today! Contact Jonathan Reuning at or call 917-683-2059 for sample playbill and print/web marketing quote..