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Want to see some sample playbills?

Playbill for large cast

Playbill for a musical

Playbill for a one person show

How to get your playbills:

  1. Download the Order Form
  2. Fill out the order form and e-mail to United Stages
  3. Download Festival Workbook to cut and paste your content
  4. Fill in the workbook with your playbill content and e-mail it, along with your graphics, to United Stages
  5. You will receive an e-mail proof. Once approved your playbill will go to print!
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You give us your content, we do the rest!

Did you know?

The United Stages playbill costs two thirds less than an equivalent playbill made by Kinkos, Staples or local copy shops. In addition, United Stages provides what the others don't: free layout, formatting, organizational tools, audience club e-blasts, show listings, industry identity and FringeCentral drop-off!

More reviewing publications such as The New York Times are demanding advanced copies of show playbills to determine the quality elements and reviewability of submitted shows. Grant and endowment jurors demand copies of playbills from previous seasons. A United Stages playbill has become an indicator or a company's seriousness and commitment to its audience and performers.

Over 90% of audience members take their playbills home and share them with others. Besides using playbills to look over the calendar listings for other shows to see, and as reading material on the subway, some audience members also use them to hound for autographs.

Since its inception in 2004 United Stages has published over a million playbills for more than 300 Off, Off-Off, Indie and smaller-venue producers in New York City and across the United States. The only company of its kind, United Stages offers theater professionals low cost, high quality producer-friendly marketing materials and services that include one-stop program design, manufacturing, finishing and delivery plus free weekly opt-in audience-builders; weekly audience club discount ticket e-blasts, web and printed calendar show listings and low price advertising, postcards and posters.