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  • United Stages Standard: Chosen by both professional & not-for-profit companies as the industry standard View United Stages Standard sample
  • Company Dedicated: For non-profit companies that require their company branding as primary identifier for subscription audiences and grant-givers. View Company Dedicated sample
  • Venue Dedicated: for profit and non-profit companies presenting in prestigious or high visibility commercial venues. View Venue Dedicated sample
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    The United Stages playbill costs two-thirds less than an equivalent playbill made by Kinkos, Staples or most copy shops. A true comparison between print shops and United Stages is impossible because print shops do not include the following with their printing: lay-out, formatting, copy-editing options, organizational tools, Audience Club blasts, show listings and industry identity.

    Space to Place Ads

    sample ad for show called Saints

    A free page of black and white ad space* is available for producer-generated ad sales. Extra ad space is available at a producer flat rate. Download Order Form for current ad page rates.


    Download Order Form for current pricing.

    Easy to Use

    We've integrated and simplified your show listing registration, artwork permission, and order processing into one quick and easy-to-complete form.

    Simpler Gathering

    Playbill content gathering is simpler now when using our newly designed workbook. We've broken your tasks into small steps. Fill in the boxes and we do the rest.

    Getting the Details Right

    We offer examples of professional bios to help you copy edit your own text, and now we offer copy editing options that transform your raw text to the highest grammatical standard, format for heightened reader clarity, and manufacture using high-quality materials.

    Audience Club Blast

    audience club members' thank you to United Stages, including does it get any better?

    United Stages playbill users can participate in our regular Audience Club blasts for free by offering discount tickets with online discount ticket codes. Audience Club members are adventurous theater-goers, proven ticket buyers, and 100% self-opted in, with high interest in small- to medium-venue shows.

    More Reviews and Grants

    More and more reviewing publications like the New York Times are requesting advanced copies of show playbills to determine the quality elements and reviewability of submitted shows. Grant and endowment jurors require copies of playbills from previous seasons. A United Stages playbill has become an indicator of a company's professionalism and commitment to its audience and performers.

    More Ticket Buyers

    is your show a monster hit?

    Opt in to our free audience club ticket discount program and get your show blasted out each week to our 100% opted-in audience club. Theater lovers talk to one another and we post real shout-out reviews submitted by our audience club members. Your United Stages web show listing and playbill calendar listing help audience members plan what they are going to see next.

    More Sharing

    Audience members share their playbills with others and use them as a source of information for your upcoming shows, company events, and donation drives.


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    United Stages is the branded playbill for professional small venue producers in New York City and across the country. What started in 2004 as a service for a few friends has grown into an action for industry unity. We hope you'll use United Stages playbill for your upcoming show.

    *All ads must be camera-ready (no MS-Word or word processing documents). The print ads may be your own ad for other United Stages playbills, or other people's ads to be included in your playbill. Black and white ads, if sent in color, will be converted. An optional page of black and white ad space is available: check your Order Form. Please see the Order Form for more information regarding additional page pricing. The specs are listed here:

    Full page:4.875" wide x 8" tall, 300dpi
    ½ page horizontal:4.875" wide x 3.875" tall, 300dpi
    ½ page vertical:2.375" wide x 8" tall, 300dpi
    ¼ page horizontal:4.875" wide x 1.875" tall, 300dpi
    ¼ page vertical:2.375" wide x 3.875" tall, 300dpi