Technical Help
Browsers and Platforms
  • What browsers and platforms are supported?
    We designed the site using Microsoft Windows and Internet Explorer. We tested it also using NetScape Navigator and FireFox browsers. We have colleagues who have done some limited testing using Macs with various browsers. We believe that the site should be usable on all modern browsers and platforms.

  • What about cookies?
    The site uses cookies to keep information about your visit from page to page. No personal information is asked for or retained unless you are registering a company, project, or bio. If you are using an older browser that doesn't support cookies, or if cookies are turned off in your browser, some functionality may not work.

Display Problems
  • Why does the site force me to scroll so much?
    We designed the site to be usable on a wide variety of systems. We want everyone to be able to use it. This meant we had to provide for both people with large, high resolution monitors and those with laptops. Therefore we used a fixed width design. If you have both a small screen and low resolution you may have to horizontal scroll to see some features.

  • Why are some of the images blurry?
    Images about production companies and performances are provided by the production companies. Typically this artwork has been designed for print usage, not website usage, so sometimes the size, resolution, or graphic design causes it to display poorly on-line. United Stages does review the artwork and makes suggestions to make it look better, but the design is not ours.

db not available ERROR
  • Why do I get a "db not available" error?
    The website uses a database to keep information about production companies and performances. A connection to the database is created when you first access the site. The server, however, disconnects the database after a period of inactivity. So if you go to and then go have a cup of coffee, you will get this message. To eliminate it, simply refresh the browser at and a new connection will be formed.

LOGIN Problems
  • Who needs to LOGIN?
    Producers register theatre companies and performances. We need to identify them so we can work with them to create programs and other materials for their performances. People who need to submit bios for a performance do not have to login or get a username.

  • How does that work?
    When producers register their companies, they are asked to provide a meaningful user name. This will be the login name for them (or their colleagues) to use to access information about the company and its performances. They also have to provide an email address. When the system adds the company to the database, a random password is generated and sent to the email address. This ensures that (1) United Stages has a real email address to contact the company and (2) no one other than the intended person knows the password. After logging in with that user name and password, the producer can change the password.

  • What if I forgot my user name or password?
    On the LOGIN page is a button labeled "FORGOT?" Click on that and it will give you directions to get the user name and password emailed to you again.

  • What images appear on the site?
    Images on the site consist of graphics created by United Stages, company and performance graphics created by producers, and advertisements provided by our clients. All graphics are reviewed by United Stages prior to publishing.

  • What images can a producer or advertiser NOT use?
    United Stages has to fulfill legal requirements for any image that will appear on our site. See our Image Policy for details.

  • As a producer or advertiser I want to create an image but I don't know how?
    United Stages provides graphics design consulting services from advice to complete production. Contact Us.

  • Can I clip the graphics to use on my own website?
    No. All graphics are copyrighted, either by the original author or by United Stages. If you would like to talk to us about your intended use, Contact Us.

Getting Further Help
  • How do I get more help?
    Use the Contact Us. page and enter your question or concern. This sends an email to our webmaster, who will respond as soon as possible.

  • But I want to talk to a real person?
    Call us. The telephone number is at Contact Us.